An Experienced Video Producer

Need a creative team assembled to produce a video or a
multimedia communication?
Need a conference or a meeting recorded? Need it streamed live?

Jeremy Cole, Producer

Jeremy Cole, Producer

Jeremy Cole has the gear and people to make it happen with over thirty years of experience helping companies use electronic media to get their message out.

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The technology is always changing and as video producers, we need to keep up with the latest gear, but the basics of producing an effective communication stay the same.

– Know your audience.
– Know your product.
– Know what you want to communicate.
– Set your goals.
– Determine your budget.
– Select the technology and the media.
– Then produce the communication.
– Test it.
– Analyze the feedback.
– Refine it based on the feedback.
– Retest it.
– Get it out.

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It is pretty simple to think about, but not so easy to do, so that is where the experience comes in: thirty years of experience with all kinds of companies helping them with their sales, training and marketing needs at an affordable price.

Green Screen Shoot

Green Screen Shoots are simple and create lots of creative possibilities.

What a Producer does
A producer brings creative and technical resources together for creative projects and then manages the projects. Not all people are good for all projects.  They need to be selected carefully.

If you have ever read the credits at the end of a movie, you realize that it takes a lot of very skilled people to create an effective visual communication; it takes producers, writers, directors, animators, videographers, editors, colorists, graphic artists, audio engineers/designers and programmers.

These people make your programs something special and they need to be managed well, which means giving them as much freedom as possible within the confines of the project goals, deadline and budget and then watching the magic happen. It is usually a lot of fun.

Trinity Farm Dairy Video: A video that shows how dairy products are produced at this small family-run dairy. The video highlights the personal touch that the family members bring to their products. Videos need not be expensive and this video is a good example of that.

Call Jeremy Cole at 413-731-9410 or email him to get started.

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